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Hello, My name is Ratul Sarkar. I'm a Front-end Developer based in India with experience of 1+ years. I'm currently working in a startup company ZIVAKA as a front-end developer. I have also been working as a lancer. I'm open to taking up good projects.
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I grew up in Belonia, Tripura. In 2017, after completing my HS, I started my jpourney as a IT professional & took admission in JISCE, West Bengal. As a developer, I work with: Java, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, GUI Application, WordPress, R, Mysql, Sqlplus, Apache Hadoop. Other than that Java is my favorite programming language & I'm a photographer as well as Content Writer.


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My Work Experience

Creative and proactive web designer & developer with 1 + years of specializing in the field and developing user-friendly & stunning websites from the initial concept to the finished
& seamless execution



Front-end Developer

Leading the design and production of the UI


Exileex Technologies

Front-end Developer

Leading the design, development , and implementation of UI

Photoghraphy & Trecking club, JISCE, Kolkata, India

I'm an aspiring photographer, a learner and my area of focus are portraits in low light, lanscape & macro

October-November, 2019
IIIT Hyderabad, India
Campus Ambassador

Former intern as a campus ambassador at IIIT Hyderabad

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Some creative projects that I've developed. Batman must be jealous


Check out my published articles here!

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